About Me

Sarah Kostin is a Transformative Coach, Writer, Yoga Teacher, and Children's Librarian. 

As a powerful, intuitive, and heart-felt coach, Sarah helps clients experience amazing shifts in their life and business by exploring the inside-out nature of the human experience. A loving disrupter, Sarah helps clients to see where they may be holding themselves back from living a simple, easy, and more joy-filled life. 

Sarah enjoys exploring the mechanics of the mind when speaking to individuals, businesses, or organizations. She shares an understanding of the nature of the human experience that allows access to more creativity, productivity, and ease in the workplace.

With a Masters's degree in Library Science,  Sarah dedicated over a decade of her energy as a Children's Librarian in a public library,  creating vibrant programming for the youth in her community.

Sarah has thousands of hours of training in coaching, yoga, and mindfulness. She studied with Michael Neill in the Super Coach Academy 2020 to become a certified Transformative Coach.

To Sarah, connecting with her true nature looks like spending time outside in nature, playing in the mountains outside her home. The best part of her day is when she's snuggled up with her husband, cat, and dog, perfectly content, on the couch.  

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