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There is so much going on in the world -- Antiracism, the Pandemic, the economy, the environment, unemployment -- it can feel like there is pressure to do, say, and be the "right thing". The swirl of thoughts and opinions can feel lonely, overwhelming, or exhausting. It can be intimidating to express how we feel for fear of being judged and criticized. 

What can we do when we don't know what to do?


We listen. Listening can be the bravest, boldest, and most loving thing we can do in these uncertain times. Listening to others' stories without judgment or evaluation. Listening to ourselves without guilt or shame. 

Listening is not passive. It is active. It is actively being open to hearing something new. When we listen, we connect to something bigger than ourselves. When we connect to that space, we hear clearly what we need to do and what is needed to be said. Change begins from being open to the truth.

For the month of July, I'm giving the gift of listening to anyone who wants it. Listening without judgment, without an agenda, without evaluation, without an answer. Just pure, open-hearted, listening. Being listened to in this way is one of the most loving and powerful gifts that I can offer.


Being listened to often results in connecting to your inner wisdom that was there all along, just buried beneath the chatter. Sign up for a free 30-minute "Listening is Loving" session below to set up a time to chat on Zoom. Sessions are completely free, confidential, and available only from July 1-31. 

In addition, I will host a free Zoom talk on Wednesday, July 15 at 4 pm (mountain time) on how you can learn to listen in this way. It is not the way most of us were taught to listen. This type of listening is the foundation of more loving relationships, connection, creativity, self-expression, and being a force for good in the world. It is the foundation for any change you wish to make in your life. 

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