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Be the hero of your own story.

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Finish Your Website

Building a website isn't just matching pretty pictures with dazzling words. It can be a very vulnerable and doubt-fueled experience. I offer website coaching to help you gain clarity, capture the feeling, and tell your powerful story.

Write Your Book

Is it time to stop thinking about writing and actually write? You can't begin until you start. It's only through writing that your story begins to take shape. I support, guide, and encourage you throughout the book writing process. 

Craft Your Content

Story is an essential ingredient for every piece of content on your website, every newsletter you send, and every post you share on social media. Craft your message and share your story from an authentic & heartfelt place. 

Working with the invisible.


Do you find yourself stuck in getting your website, book, or online course off the ground? Do you get inspired and then self-doubt creeps in? Do you have a fear of sharing or speaking about your work with others? Do you struggle to pick which one of your many bright & shiny ideas to focus on?

Good news! I help people feel more relaxed, confident and inspired in bringing their creative projects to life. It is possible to see your project more simply, to do it your way, and for it to feel easy. Reunite with your long-lost friends called hope and possibility, and say hello to a whole new way of looking at creativity.

To create the visible.

Creating something is challenging, lonely, and can feel like it is taking for-evvvvvvv-er. It sure is nice to have a partner in creating your projects. 

With a guide to offer consulting in the following areas. 

I'm a writer who can help you to craft your message in writing your social, email, or web content. A former freelance web designer, I’ve built websites in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Thinkific, and Kajabi. I am a ninja in Canva, which is a free graphic design platform.  I also have experience in self-publishing, cover design, and what it takes to birth a book into the world.

*I offer creativity coaching and consulting to help you design, write, and create your own material. 

Every project is unique.

If you're interested in getting a jump start on your website, book, or creative project, please give me a little more detail by filling out this form. Each service is customizable and involves a combination of coaching, consulting, and co-creating.  

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