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Project Title:
How to Sort Donations at the LiftUp Donation Center

Tools used in Development:
Articulate Rise 360, Canva, PowerPoint, Audacity

Time in Development:
3 weeks

LiftUp of Routt County

Executive Summary:


I work part-time at the LiftUp donation center, where we handle a substantial weekly influx of donations requiring sorting, cleaning, and pricing for the Thrift Store. Our team comprises a small group of paid employees and a significant number of flexible-schedule volunteers.


Currently, training occurs on the job, with newcomers adapting as they work, often finding it overwhelming and intimidating, particularly on high-volume donation days when the pace is rapid.


I thought that new volunteers and staff would benefit from having some pre-training while the stakes were low, before starting on the floor on a busy donation day. I used my instructional design skills to create an onboarding course for new volunteers and staff in the donation center.


First, I created a Course Blueprint to determine the learning objectives. Second, I created a course outline to plan out the blocks that I would use in Articulate Rise. Finally, I spoke with the SME, the donation center manager, to review the content of my course and ask for her input in what to include in the course. 

Welcome Video


Google Docs, Canva, and Audacity


Video scripting, Graphic Design, Voice Recording, Interviewing Subject Matter Experts


First, I spoke with the Executive Director of LiftUp about the course and video I was creating. Then, I wrote the script for the welcome video and emailed her a draft. She added the necessary data inputs and gave her feedback on the script. I created the visual slides in Canva, then recorded my voiceover of the script in Audacity. 

Course Planning Documents


Google Docs, Power Point

LiftUp Rise Course Mockups (3).png

Job Aids




These documents will be printed out and displayed in the LiftUp Donation Center to serve as reminders to new staff and volunteers after they have taken the course. 

Liftup Map (4).png
Liftup Unacceptable Items (2).png
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