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Finding Unicorns Group Coaching

There is magic in life.

You might just be looking in the wrong direction.

Often, we are looking for something outside of us -- a new job, a new relationship, a new unicorn -- to bring us the magic and joy we are seeking.

I hope to share with you a way of looking in a different direction, inside each of us,  as a means to find more peace, contentment, and joy in your life. We'll tap into the magic of our inner unicorn!

Group coaching is a unique and cost-effective opportunity to receive coaching on challenges you may be going through, with the added support of an encouraging and understanding group of awesome women. In a group dynamic, we receive benefits listening to others get coached, which only enhances and deepens the insights we receive to put into play in our lives.

We will meet for 6 weeks in Fall 2019, schedule determined by the group.

Meetings held at my office in Steamboat Springs, limited to 5 amazing women.

Cost is $90 for all 6 sessions, or $20 drop-in.



Experiencing transformation has never been so easy, or so fun!