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Recognizing Where You Are

What if your current feeling of overwhelm or frustration is simply the beginning of your next chapter?

Every powerful story is one of transformation. A writer believes he is too shy to share his book only to discover that he is a powerful speaker. A CEO believes her corporate career was the highlight of her life until she starts a nonprofit to save whales. A children's librarian makes the leap into running a thriving coaching business and writing books (Yes, that one is my story). 

Every hero's story is important. Big or small. Saving the world or saving yourself. It all counts.  The important part is the transformation, the willingness to see your life new. That takes a hero's bravery and courage. 

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Understanding Who You Are

In case you were wondering, you are not your overwhelm, exhaustion, worry, or spinning mind.  Every hero needs a solid foundation to stand on as they set off on their adventure. As your guide, we take a deep dive over three months to build a foundation in this impactful understanding of our true nature. 

Rekindle the most important relationship in your life -- the one with your beautifully messy, resilient, courageous, and completely extraordinary true self. When we understand how beautifully we are made, life gets a whole lot lighter and more fun. 

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Creating Something New

Sometimes Shero just needs a website. If you find yourself stuck in getting your website, book, or online course off the ground, I have some experience in that department. I'm a bit of a web design and content geek, and I love learning new platforms. As a coach, I help people feel more relaxed, confident, and inspired in bringing their creative projects to life. It is possible to see your project more simply, to do it your way, and for it to feel easy. Reunite with your long-lost friends called hope and possibility, and say hello to a whole new way of looking at creativity.

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