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Project Title: Keeping Kids Safe

Tools used in Development: Genially, Vyond, Niche Academy LMS, Canva
Time in Development: 8 Weeks
Client: Bud Werner Memorial Library

Executive Summary

The "Keeping Kids Safe" project was a vital endeavor aimed at developing a comprehensive staff training program for the Bud Werner Memorial Library, focused on safeguarding children from sexual predators and child abuse within the public library setting. Over the course of eight weeks, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to create an empowering and informative resource to equip library staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our community. Despite the sensitive nature of the subject matter, our approach remained steadfastly empathetic and resolute. We recognized the importance of addressing this critical issue with care and compassion, striving to foster a positive and engaging learning environment for all involved. Through the strategic integration of innovative technologies and instructional design principles, we endeavored to empower library staff to recognize warning signs, respond effectively to potential risks, and create a culture of safety within the library setting.

Instructional Design Process

Through a meticulous analysis and design process guided by empathy and determination, the "Keeping Kids Safe" project culminated in the development of a comprehensive staff training program to empower library staff at the Bud Werner Memorial Library in safeguarding children from harm within the public library setting. 1. Analysis: The project commenced with a thorough analysis of the unique challenges and vulnerabilities associated with safeguarding children in a public library environment. Extensive research, interviews with subject matter experts, and consultations with library staff provided invaluable insights into the specific needs and concerns of the Bud Werner Memorial Library community. This analysis guided the development of targeted learning objectives and informed the selection of relevant content and resources for inclusion in the training program. 2. Design: Building upon the insights gathered during the analysis phase, the design process focused on creating a structured and engaging curriculum tailored to the needs of library staff. Collaborating with child protection specialists and community stakeholders, we curated a comprehensive collection of resources, including interactive modules, animated videos, and informative guides, to address key topics such as recognizing signs of abuse, responding to disclosures, and implementing preventative measures. The design phase also involved selecting appropriate instructional tools and platforms, including Genially, Vyond, Niche Academy LMS, and Canva, to develop and deliver the training materials effectively. 3. Development: In the development phase, the curated content was transformed into engaging and interactive learning experiences using a combination of multimedia tools and authoring platforms. Interactive modules were created using Genially and Niche Academy LMS, allowing for self-paced learning and assessment. Animated videos were developed using Vyond to convey important concepts and scenarios in a visually compelling manner. Additionally, Canva was utilized to design visually appealing graphics and instructional aids, enhancing learner engagement and retention. 4. Implementation: With the completion of the development phase, the training program was rolled out to library staff at the Bud Werner Memorial Library. Staff members were provided access to the learning modules through the Niche Academy LMS platform, where they could complete the training at their convenience. Orientation sessions and support resources were provided to familiarize staff with the training materials and address any questions or concerns. 5. Evaluation: The final phase of the design process involved evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the training program. Surveys, assessments, and feedback sessions were conducted to measure staff members' knowledge retention, confidence levels, and perceived ability to safeguard children in the library setting. Data collected from the evaluation phase informed iterative improvements to the training content and delivery, ensuring ongoing relevance and effectiveness in promoting the safety and well-being of children in the community.

Vyond Video: Keeping Kids Safe

  • Purpose: Welcome Video for Staff Training Program

  • Objective: Using Vyond, I wrote the script, recorded the voice over and developed the two-minute introduction video for the library staff training.

  • Approach: I conducted research, interviewed SME's, wrote the video script, recorded the voiceover, created the animations, and edited the video. 

  • Project duration: 12 hours

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