Know Your Nature ~ Through the Seasons


Fall ~ The Art of Change
Live Group Dates:
September 22 - December 8, 2021
Wednesdays at 11 am (mtn) on Zoom

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Smell the sharp scent of sage. Hear the cheerful chirping of a chickadee. Feel the soft wind gently touch your skin. Inhale. Exhale.


Many people feel grounded, contented, and at peace when they spend time in nature. Well, that feeling is available to you more often than you think. Because we are not separate from nature. We are nature. 

The Know Your Nature program is a guided exploration for feelers, seekers, and creatives who crave a deeper connection to inner wisdom, intuition, and clarity into every single area of their life. 

At first, it might not seem obvious or relevant that understanding your true nature could help you with ordinary tasks in your daily life -- like getting your work done on time, raising a family, building a business, creating art, or expressing yourself fully. However, connecting with our being nature is the secret sauce to living a more fulfilling and productive life. 

When we understand how beautifully we are made, life gets a whole lot easier. We tend to stress, worry, and fear LESS. We tend to create, build, and accomplish MORE. We STOP caring so much what other people think. And we START listening to the guiding voice from within. 

Something miraculous happens when life stops looking so complicated and begins to feel like nature intended, SIMPLE. Spending time with our true nature often leaves us feeling just as refreshed as when we spend time outdoors in nature. 

Rekindle the most important relationship in your life -- the one with your beautifully messy, resilient, courageous, and completely extraordinary true self. See for yourself the beauty & wisdom of your true nature.

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What Past Participants Say:

In some magical way, I believe Sarah knew I needed this course before I even knew I did.  I am so glad I've been a part of it. I have been in a major rut this year, in terms of work and some other life things. And, this new way of thinking and realizing and KNOWING has allowed me to dig deeper and truly consider what has been bothering me and making me anxious. Now, I'm much more confident in what my next steps will be!  It has changed my thought process and has made me stop to consider what is happening, before just getting wrapped up in a thought-hole and spiraling into fear and worry. This course was truly eye-opening!

Kate, Interior Designer

I love the structure of how the course material was designed. The weekly group sessions were relaxed, fun, and meaningful. There are so many moments and parts I took away from it. The foundation of Sarah’s approach is that learning to experience and deal with hardships does not remove them, but equips us to navigate our lives in a way that we are noticing, embracing and accepting. I feel like this course would be valuable for every person, but especially those with anxiety. I loved this course. I found it immensely helpful in my own life. I believe she has helped each of us. We are all in this course because we recognize that we have work to do and that in life we must keep going, keep working on ourselves, and keep creating. It was so joyful to observe Sarah doing something that she is clearly happy to be doing and has such a gift to share.

Meg, Photographer

I thought the cadence of videos and written content were great. I like the small, bite-sized nature of moving through the lessons. I loved, during the group calls, the breakout rooms with different exercises that were powerful each time.  I loved that we had the chance to partner with different people each week, and then come back together in the group calls to discuss. Overall a very supportive environment, and just what I needed.

Amanda, Photographer

The past three months have been amazing and life changing!! I don't have enough words to thank you for teaching and sharing your wisdom! I've really tried to think about how the course could be improved and I'm stumped. I guess it could be improved by never stopping! 

Maria, Sales & Plant Lover

Live Group Calls

Feel the support of connecting with a group of like-minded explorers.

Nature Videos

Weekly videos filmed in nature about the inside-out understanding.

Journal & Reflect

Weekly reflection prompts in the course workbook to get you out in nature.

Optional Coaching

Option to work with Sarah one-on-one with the additional coaching package. 

What's Inside?

Reconnecting with your true nature comes from an understanding of who you really are. Learn a completely fresh and new understanding of the mind, The Three Principles, that allows for a deeper connection to our innate wisdom and well-being.

The online course contains twelve modules of video and written content about an aspect of your true nature:

  1. The Nature of Listening
  2. The Nature of Understanding
  3. The Nature of Thinking
  4. The Nature of Feeling
  5. The Nature of Seeing
  6. The Nature of Being
  7. Your Nature is Wisdom
  8. Your Nature is Well
  9. Your Nature is Love
  10. Your Nature is Creative
  11. Your Nature is to Shine
  12. Your Nature is Whole

KYN by the Seasons

The 3-month-long Know Your Nature program includes 12 weekly group calls, videos, articles, and interactive journaling exercises. Option to upgrade and receive three one-hour coaching sessions with Sarah during the program (once a month via Zoom). See pricing options below. 

The live group program happens three times per year. The content changes with the season:

  • FALL SESSION: September 29 - December 15, 2021 - ENROLLMENT OPEN NOW
  • WINTER SESSION: January - March
  • SPRING SESSION: April - June

Group Only or with Personal Coaching