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Remember that feeling of lightness, joy, and ease?
It is still available to you.

Just so you know, you are not your constant worry, overwhelming stuckness, or spinning mind. You are not any of your thoughts. You are something beyond your particular circumstances and challenges, whatever they may be. You are the space where clarity, creativity, peace, resilience, and joy reside.  You are light, love, and spirit. You are the infinite creative potential of the whole f**king universe. 


Yes, really.


The Know Your Nature program is drawn from my passion and connection with the outside natural world combined with my deepening understanding of our true nature. There is a quietness, contentment, and absolute ease that fills my soul both when I'm in the woods, and when I settle my overactive mind. The only thing that ever separates us from feeling our true nature of contentment and well-being is our personal thinking. There's only ever one thought in the way from experiencing our natural state of peace of mind. 


With kindness and playfulness, I will gently guide you back to your inner wisdom and your innate birthright of well-being. This 12-week PILOT PROGRAM is based upon the Three Principles, a spiritual understanding that has personally allowed me to experience more clarity, confidence, and ease in every single part of my life. I'm excited and passionate about sharing it with you so that you may rekindle the most important relationship in your life -- the one with your beautifully messy, resilient, courageous, and completely extraordinary true self. 

What you will receive through the program:

  • Three private one-on-one coaching sessions with Sarah to gain insights into specific challenges and growth areas in your life. Held via Zoom once a month.

  • Six group coaching sessions held every two weeks on Zoom at a time and day to be determined by the group.

  • Twelve modules about an aspect of our true nature with interactive homework assignments, journal prompts and meditations.

  • Weekly Video content that you can watch at your own pace filmed in nature.

  • Weekly chapters (never before released!) from my coursebook, "Rewilding Spirit".

Be a part of the first and only PILOT PROGRAM at a deeply discounted price.

Be the first to experience this unique offering and help me to co-create this course to suit you. The PILOT PROGRAM allows me to get real-time feedback from students while creating the course so that it contains more of the stuff you want and less of the stuff you don't.  The full program will launch in the winter at a higher price and with fewer personal coaching sessions included.   


  • Limited to 6 participants.

  • Course Dates: August 30 - November 22 , 2020

  • Save money by signing up for the initial PILOT PROGRAM offer at the one-time price of $333.

  • Or, choose to pay two installments of $188 .

  • Enroll before August 15 to receive TWO bonus coaching sessions with Sarah. That's a total of 5 coaching sessions, which is a $750 value! 

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