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How to be you in business

Seven step to clear out the noise and tune into your inner wisdom

I believe that the most fulfilling and rewarding businesses are those that are built from a place of authenticity and alignment. I am not a fan of the "10 Steps to Success" or buying a cookie-cutter business blueprint. The beauty of being a solopreneur is that you get to do meaningful work as you build a business that incorporates your unique flavor of you-ness.

Step 1: Pause The absolute best thing you can do is pause. When making a decision feels the MOST URGENT that is usually a sign to STOP. Even if there is an upcoming deadline, there is time to slow down your mind. Take a few breaths. Relax. Step 2: Listen True listening is unaccompanied by judgment, analysis, or opinion. Deep listening is open, curious, & compassionate. Go beyond the chatter of the shoulds & have-to's to hear the whisper of wisdom. It's often just a word or two, packed with common sense & love. "You got this" or "You're okay." Step 3: Notice Most of our thinking comes with a feeling of tightness, spinning, or heaviness. Those feelings are HELPING YOU to know that you are stuck in your head. Thoughts from the truest you come wrapped in a good feeling of groundedness, contentment & ease. Step 4: Follow Follow the grounded feeling of wisdom and not the icky feelings of insecurity, doubt & fear. Most of us simply have a bad habit of listening to the noise of our chattering thoughts instead of hearing the truth within. It always knows what you need in the moment you need it and can become your most trusted advisor. Step 5: Nudge A nudge is a little nugget of knowing or an idea that comes from our intuition. It might be to reach out to someone or apply to a job. The nudge does not always lead to a new friendship or a new job. The nudge might be showing you something else. As best you can, stick with the nudge without jumping to conclusions about what the nudge means. Step 6: Tune up We all experience doubt, worry and fear in business. Those feelings are normal and don't mean that your biz is in the gutter. Just like an off-note in music doesn't tell us we are a terrible musician, it simply lets us know that we are out of tune. Feeling off lets us know our thoughts are out of tune. It's time to go back to step one and repeat them all again. Step 7: Be you! If you continue to practice these steps over and over again, you will cultivate a business that feels authentically you. It might take time & patience. In the end, you will be richly rewarded with a business or side hustle that feels effortless, easy and fun. Because there is nothing that feels more joyful than living into the fullest expression of who you truly are.

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