Client Appreciation

It makes perfect sense that I write this testimonial as the Yampa River flows by, home to a river otter; a playful secret hidden under the grassy ledge.

I came to Sarah asking her to fill a high order! Could she help me reconnect to my intuitive younger self? Was it possible, with an overtime job, kids and a family of creatures, aging parents’ responsibilities and more, to open up space to be a creator of my life rather than a reactor to it? These requests were only the beginnings of the changes I sought in my life.

When I first came to Sarah, my usual pace involved days choked full of manic reactions as I raced from one commitment to another, always feeling wrung out like a used washcloth by day’s end.

My shared time and experience with Sarah has been transformative. Not only has Sarah helped shift my mindset –it’s like our time together has helped crack open a fourth dimension inside earth (and inside myself) that opens up space to honor time for meditation and journeys inward. Working with Sarah has helped me sense the different ways my body feels when I honor my inner wisdoms. 

Sarah gives me an understanding to create life changes that have and will continue to raise my quality of life and consciousness.

Sarah has helped me recognize the inner wisdom inside each one of us.  As I continue to feel this flow and trust it, my courage grows. I will no longer risk abandoning myself. Instead, I will risk honoring my gifts to color the world.

Susan Kramer

I’ve worked with quite a few coaches and therapists throughout my life and while they were all wonderful in their own way, something about my time with Sarah was extra special.

I grew more in my three months with her than I have collectively in a year.


Also, I grew in a way and learned things that I feel like I’ve been longing for my whole life. I feel like Sarah holds this magical secret to the universe and her natural story-telling voice is both comforting and full of empathy. I learned so many wonderful tools and have created new habits inspired by her guidance that I will carry with me forever.


I’m so grateful I said yes to investing in myself in this way. Sarah has found her calling and we are so lucky to have her here to guide us!! 

HollyAnn Bruns, entrepreneur, and owner of

Hot Rabbit Flowers & Pretty Dead Flowers

I hired Sarah as a coach to help me work through a transition, in both my personal and professional, life. Through our coaching sessions, I was able to discover and explore alternative perspectives that helped me to better understand myself.  

Listening is Sarah's best quality!


Sarah is real. She is able to offer genuine positive feedback based on her experience and how she sees things from her own heart and body. Sarah was not there to judge or fix me.  Her approach is to simply help you understand yourself better so you can be the best person you can be.


Her positive energy is contagious and after each coaching session I would feel grateful for her wisdom.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve themselves or in need of help finding direction in their life. 

Chris Rhodes

Owner, Soda Mountain Construction & Design

Speaking Testimonial

Sarah is a wonderful, genuine and compassionate person.  All of these wonderful traits about Sarah carry into her speaking engagements.  Her talk on non-violent communication not only opened my mind to the ways in which I work and engage with the families I work with as well as my own family but also challenged me to examine my own personal self-talk and how I can redirect thinking about myself. 

Sarah has a tactful way of engaging people in conversation while allowing space for self-reflection and processing.  She is able to engage a larger group of people while still connecting with them personally, it feels like you are in a one on one coaching session with her. She really cares about the people she works with and the work she does to encourage positive change in the way we act and engage with those around us.

Lindsey Garey – Director of Service Coordination, 

Horizons Specialized Services

Student Testimonials

I recently took the Spark and Shine course with Sarah Kostin. Her demeanor and ideas are thoughtful and fun, her personal insights are relatable and welcoming, and she's great at guiding the group's convos in a dynamic way. I loved everything about the course, would join it again in a heartbeat! 

Sarah’s Shine course videos, content and live zooms were truly awesome! Something I totally looked forward to each week. It felt good to focus on myself and listen to my mind and it’s thoughts for a solid month - noticing certain aspects and/or ideas, daily and often. Shine and the group we had for this session was totally cool and I felt comfortable opening up and participating each week. Everyone was super genuine! In this course I felt like I was reminded of a good amount of “things” I may have heard before, but also learned more about how to get out of my own way and really pay attention. Thoughts are like clouds! And we are the blue sky! Thank you, Sarah! Much love! 
~Kate C.

I recently took the Finding Solid Ground Course. Sarah Kostin offered a lot of wisdom and insight. It was great to hear from others in the class and I especially loved the coaching session at the end.

Sarah is genuine, intuitive, and compassionate.  When I first met with Sarah I was struggling with mid-life burnout.  I had a long list of achievements but was dissatisfied with my life and my health was suffering because of this.  Sarah helped me identify my priorities and drop commitments that drained me.  She encouraged me to make changes and gently held me accountable through this process.  This gave me space to focus on my priorities and re-balance my life. 


When a big opportunity arose for our family, Sarah met with me and my husband to guide us through the decision-making process.  Having Sarah facilitate our discussions helped my husband and I break free from old patterns and listen to each other in new ways.  Sarah has a gift for coaching and has impacted my life in invaluable ways.

Jenn Wright, Lawyer & Super Mom

Sarah is an amazing coach. She is kind, patient, lighthearted and incredibly grounded. She holds a safe and sacred space to explore whatever it is that you are working on in your life in the moment. I worked with Sarah for 6 months, while I was going through a very difficult time. No matter where I was emotionally strong, or falling apart, our calls made all the difference in my experience during that time. I genuinely looked forward to our weekly calls and considered them a saving grace. Just like a really good book, when I got to the last few sessions I wanted to spread them out because I didn't want it to end!


I am so very grateful for Sarah and the difference that she has made in my life! 

Stephanie Johnson, Energy Clearing Practitioner

I loved Sarah’s ability to reel in my grand visions and get me on an organized plan of steps. She held me accountable to reach out to  a yoga studio owner to get on her schedule, which had a direct impact on my life. I am now assisting her in a yoga teacher training this January -- yay!


I would absolutely recommend coaching with Sarah to anyone looking to get clear on their vision and to anyone who is truly willing to take action on their goals!


Sarah has an incredible ability to hear what’s on people’s heart and lead them in the right direction to take action. She has a firm and gentle way of holding people accountable so that they can grow and be the best version of themselves. It is super comfortable to chat with Sarah and she has an amazing ability to steer and guide unclear visions and reduce overwhelm!

Samantha Nimock, studio owner, Village Yoga

Sarah is cheerful, smart, and positive so overall it was great to get feedback and reflection from her. She helped me to identify some of the judgment that I was passing about myself and my ideas.


I think anyone who feels like there's something in their brain that they can't quite access could benefit from sitting down with Sarah. Anyone with a desire to move something forward, be it a project, a relationship, a challenge or something else, could benefit from her coaching.

Sarah is a great listener and encourager. Sometimes all it takes to make the impossible seem possible is a partner to remind you that everything you need is within you. Sarah is so talented at being that partner!

Kristine Kilbourne,  Creative Entrepreneur

Sarah has such a warm, intuitive, and empathetic presence! She brought to light many things that I did not see and now I can move forward with clarity and confidence with many situations.

Jordie Karlinski, Life Coach & Former US Olympic Snowboarder

I found coaching with Sarah to be very grounding. It forced me to carve out some time and helped guide me to thinking about things from a different lens, rather than playing back the same loop I've been listening to in my head. I found our session to be a positive, non-judgemental and secure setting in which to be real and honest with myself and to confront my current life challenges.


It is obvious that Sarah loves what she does. She is passionate about working alongside people and guiding them and helping them in a supportive and kind way.

Devon Dalzell, Graphic Designer

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