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It's almost impossible to figure out your life when you have zero time to consider it. Whether it's rushing the kids to their fifth soccer practice or starting another small business,  we wonder why our old friends, Inspiration & Creativity, don't come to visit us anymore. 

I'm here to help reconnect you with inspiration. To teach you to listen to your intuition. To spark new ideas to get you unstuck. To show you how to follow the nudges instead of the doubts. To support you as you take the leap. To learn to trust yourself.

Coaching helps to remove what we are not, in order to reveal the brilliance already within. Together, we work from the inside, out. 

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Co-Creating & Consulting

Do you find yourself stuck in getting your business, book, course, or side hustle off the ground? Do you get inspired and then self-doubt creeps in? Do you have a fear of sharing or speaking about your work with others? Do you struggle to pick which one of your many bright & shiny ideas to focus on?

Good news! I help people feel more relaxed, confident and inspired in bringing their creative projects to life. It is possible to see your project more simply, to do it your way, and for it to feel easy. Reunite with your long-lost friends called hope and possibility, and say hello to a whole new way of looking at creativity.

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