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Project Title: Spanish Phrases for CMC Library Staff
Tools used in Development: Lectora, Genially, Vyond, Canva, Canvas LMS
Time in Development: 1 semester
Client: Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus Library

Executive Summary

The "Spanish Phrases for CMC Library Staff" project aimed to equip staff members at the Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus Library with essential Spanish phrases to enhance communication and support Spanish-speaking patrons. With a growing Spanish-speaking population in the community, providing bilingual assistance became imperative to promote inclusivity and improve the overall library experience. Utilizing a blend of instructional design principles and innovative technologies, the project sought to develop an engaging and effective training program tailored to the unique needs of library staff. Through the strategic integration of interactive multimedia resources and targeted language instruction, the initiative aimed to empower staff members to confidently engage with Spanish-speaking patrons and provide quality assistance.

Instructional Design Process

A structured approach, guided by a comprehensive analysis and systematic design process, facilitated the development and implementation of an impactful training program to support Spanish language proficiency among library staff at the Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus. 1. Analysis: The project commenced with a thorough analysis of the training needs and language proficiency levels of library staff. Surveys and interviews were conducted to identify common scenarios requiring Spanish language skills and gauge staff members' comfort levels with Spanish communication. Additionally, insights from patron demographics and library research informed the selection of relevant phrases and topics for inclusion in the training program. 2. Design: Building upon the findings from the analysis phase, the design phase focused on developing a structured curriculum encompassing essential Spanish phrases and expressions relevant to library operations. Utilizing extensive research, we curated a comprehensive list of phrases tailored to specific job roles and common interactions with patrons. The design process also involved selecting appropriate instructional strategies and multimedia tools, such as Lectora, Genially, Vyond, Canva, and Canvas LMS, to create interactive learning modules and resources. 3. Development: In the development phase, the curated content was transformed into engaging learning materials using a variety of authoring tools and multimedia platforms. Interactive modules were created using Lectora and Genially to facilitate active learning and retention, while Vyond was utilized to develop animated scenarios and dialogue simulations. Additionally, Canva was employed to design visually appealing graphics and instructional aids, while Canvas LMS served as the platform for hosting and delivering the training content. 4. Implementation: Upon completion of the development phase, the training program was rolled out to library staff at the Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus. Staff members were provided access to the learning modules through Canvas LMS, where they could progress through the training at their own pace. Support resources were provided to familiarize staff with the training materials and address any questions or concerns. 5. Evaluation: The final phase of the design process involved evaluating the effectiveness of the training program through various assessment methods. Surveys, quizzes, and feedback sessions were conducted to measure staff members' confidence levels in using Spanish phrases and their perceived ability to assist Spanish-speaking patrons. Data collected from the evaluation phase informed iterative improvements to the training content and delivery, ensuring ongoing relevance and effectiveness.

Vyond Welcome Video 

  • Purpose: Welcome Video for Spanish Phrases for Library Staff Training

  • Objective: Using Vyond, create a welcome video for staff members to set the tone for the course and convey the importance of the training.

  • Approach: I conducted research, interviewed SME's, wrote the video script, recorded the voiceover, created the animations, and edited the video. 

  • Project duration: 5 hours

Genially Course Prototype

  • Purpose: Create a Rapid Prototype to map out course and show stakeholders.

  • Objective: Using Genially, create interactive course with review questions and knowledge checks.

  • Approach: Researched Spanish language skills and confirmed with SME's. Recorded Spanish audio and designed interactions in Genially.

  • Project duration: one week


Course Planning Documents


Cannva, Google Docs, Power Point

Library Staff Job Aid

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