Are you struggling to get your butt in your chair and write or create? 

Join the Create Space community to be with other friendly and aspiring artists to be in creation together at the same time on Zoom. Sarah will host these live group sessions and provide inspiration, awesome music, and accountability for you to show up and enjoy the magic process of creation. This is open to anyone who needs to carve out an hour of their day -- writers, parents, creators, or meditators. All are welcome!

An hour of space to write, create, breathe, & be
Live on Zoom, with Great Tunes!
Free for the month of December!
Dates/ Times:
Week of 12/1: Tuesday & Thursday @ 9 AM (mst)
Week of 12/7: Monday & Friday @ 12pm (mst)
Week of 12/14: Tuesday & Thursday @ 4 PM (mst)
Week of 12/21: Monday & Wednesday @ 12pm (mst)
Week of 12/28: Monday & Wednesday @ 12pm (mst)
I want to Create Space!

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