Write Now! Virtual Writing Marathon:
A Day of Playful Writing and Inspiration on Zoom

Hosted by Stephanie Benedetto Padovani & Sarah Kostin

All times listed in US Eastern Time

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Friday, February 5,  from 5 pm - 6:30pm 

Saturday, February 6,  from10 am - 2:30 pm 

Saturday, February 6, from 5 pm- 6:30 pm 

Write new words in a playful, supportive environment. The hosts are setting a target of 3,000 words each, and you’re encouraged to create your own.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get an inspired start on your new project while you connect and share with other writers.

Both experienced and aspiring writers are welcome. If you’d like to write in an inspiring environment, this is the place for you!

We’ll meet Friday evening for a Meet-the-Writers Kick Off, followed by an all-day writing session on Saturday with a liberal mid-day break, and end the day with a virtual Campfire Gathering for sharing and stories.

COST: $25

Reserve your spot by February 1. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to know what project I’m working on?

No. Feel free to come with ideas or as an empty slate. We’ll provide some writing prompts and inspiration to get you going.

Is attendance required for each mini-sharing break?

No. These breaks are designed to share a quick laugh and smile, stretch or fist-pump your progress.

You’re welcome to keep going with your writing streak! Simply turn off your video and mute your computer during the breaks to remain undisturbed.

You may also write through the longer mid-day break, if you choose.


What should I expect from the Meet-the-Writers session on Friday?

We’ll meet to introduce ourselves, share what we may be working on, and set the scene for a fun and productive marathon with a dash of inspiration and playful freewriting.

What should I expect from the Virtual Campfire Gathering?

You’ll have a chance to update your progress and share a short excerpt from what you’ve written during the weekend. Stories are also welcome as we celebrate and connect.

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