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This book holds the secret that you have been searching for your whole life. This may sound like a far-fetched impossible claim that some slimy marketing team came up with. It is not. This book shares a simple truth that most of us have overlooked our entire life due to a misunderstanding of how our minds work. So, what's the big secret?


You Are the Blue Sky:
Understanding who you are beyond your thinking

by Sarah Kostin


What's it about?

We don’t have to work hard for happiness. We are made of it. 

The reason this spiritual truth is elusive is because of one very important gift that we possess: the gift of thought. It turns out that instead of feeling the beauty of our true nature, most of the time we are feeling our thinking about our personal lives. 

And let’s face it, most of our thinking about ourselves feels anything but peaceful, content or ease-filled.  Rather, it’s kind of like walking around wearing an itchy sweater all day and thinking that that’s the way our body naturally feels. When we finally take off the sweater, our naked skin feels soft and luxurious. It is who we really are underneath. 

When we finally set down our agitated thinking, we reconnect with our true self. 

Image by Agung Gunawan


"A beautifully personal sharing of the impact of knowing who you are and how perfectly well you are made."

~ Michael Neill, international bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within



"In You Are the Blue Sky, Sarah Kostin has written a poetic and touchingly personal book of her own journey of awakening. Her writing is so sweet and powerful that we take that journey right along with her. I'm buying copies for friends, family and clients and I predict you will do the same."

             ~ Steve Chandler, author of Time Warrior



“This beautiful book is a simple, profound, and hopeful exploration of how we can connect more powerfully to our true nature. Through personal insights and the stories of others, Sarah helps us see the gift running through all of life and shows us how to find ourselves and our wisdom amongst it all, even when it seems far away.”

 ~ Barbara Patterson, international coach and consultant



"A book full of love, wit, and profound sharings of what it is to be human, and how easy it is for us to forget. Sarah Kostin’s book, You are the Blue Sky, is a beautiful blend of her own personal (often amusing) insights, and seeing that what is true for her is true for all of us. Easy and enjoyable to read, this is already very high on my ‘recommend to others’ list."

~ Wyn Morgan, certified master transformative coach and corporate change agent



“This book is a gift of love. Sarah Kostin speaks deeply, bravely, compassionately, and poetically from her heart directly, to ours. She gently reminds us, in her beautifully crafted personal stories and insights, of the Psychological and Spiritual Truth behind every human being. Each chapter invites us into the space of stillness, peace, and reflection, and ultimately a direct experience of that deeper, purer divine dimension within ourselves, the space of our true nature. 

So open Sarah’s gift, open yourself to it, and you, like me, will be filled with gratitude and love for our one precious life and for who we truly are."

 ~ Stef  Cybichowski, transformative coach and speaker



“You Are the Blue Sky will charm spiritual seekers with its quirky and relatable anecdotes about money, relationships, family and career, all of which invite us to explore the thought-created nature of reality and our truest essence. The simple understanding in this book grants a freedom from unnecessary suffering that is truly life-changing. I was deeply moved by the honest telling and left with a deeper appreciation for the beauty of being human.” 

~ Stephanie Benedetto, coach, storyteller and (un)marketer



"Powerful! Sarah Kostin is the friend who holds your hand and walks you down the path to joy and peace. With vibrant writing and a compassionate voice, You Are the Blue Sky is the perfect bedside companion, a book to be savored."

 ~ Elsa Watson, author of Maid Marian and The Other Elizabeth


"In You are the Blue Sky, Sarah Kostin translates the Three Principles philosophy of self into a personal, courageous and peaceful message about being in the world. In about 50 simple, succinct, conversational essays, she may not convince you, but she will stir your inner self, inspire you, and leave you warm, fuzzy, full of optimism and pushing away thoughts to lavish in the beauty that is the Blue Sky."  

~ Ronald Krall, owner of Off the Beaten Path Bookstore


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