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Mindfulness Tutoring

for Tweens & Teens

For tweens & teens

I offer mindfulness tutoring to students in middle school and high school. Learn meditation & mindfulness practices to bring more steadiness, joy, and ease into your child's life.


Mindfulness can help kids and teens with anxiety, social situations, and emotional regulation. This practice can improve focus and attention, which can help with schoolwork, sports, and creative endeavors.


My program is based on the Mindful Schools curriculum, plus conversation and coaching around current issues.


We meet once a week, for one hour, for 8 weeks.

Sessions held at my office in downtown Steamboat Springs.

Private 1:1 = $75/session

Group = $100/ session (max 4 students)

Schedule based on availability

Common Questions...

What is mindfulness? 
Mindfulness means paying attention in the present moment to our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, or surrounding environment. For the sake of simplicity, we can define it as noticing what’s happening right now in an open, balanced and curious way. It also includes intentionally nurturing positive states of mind such as empathy and kindness.

What are the benefits of mindfulness with youth? 
Scientific studies find that mindfulness improves young people’s attention, emotion regulation, behavior in school, social skills, empathy, test anxiety and stress, among other benefits. Instead of hiring a tutor for a specific subject like reading or math, my aim is to cultivate a better quality of attention on any subject or extracurricular activity. By teaching skills that help to create calm and decrease anxiety, naturally one's academic, artistic, or sports performance tends to increase, as well. My hope is that delivering mindfulness tools will bring an overall quality of joy in all parts of the young person's life. 

Can mindfulness help improve academic performance or behavior issues? 
Both quantitative and qualitative research indicate that mindfulness helps give students the mental and emotional skills needed to improve learning readiness, attentional stability, pro-social behavior, impulse control and emotional regulation. In turn, these changes can support improved academic performance and behavior.


Is mindfulness religious? 
No, mindfulness in education approaches are completely secular, and are based upon decades of work and research applying mindfulness to the medical and mental health fields. Youth learn awareness, self-regulation, and social-emotional skills. 

Is mindfulness about getting rid of thoughts? 
No, it’s natural to have thoughts and better not to repress them. Mindfulness gives us the ability to be aware of our thoughts, to step back and evaluate whether our thoughts are true or helpful, and redirect our attention when we realize we are caught up in ruminating.

How does mindfulness tutoring for youth work? 
I use The Mindful Schools curriculum, which provides 16 sessions of mindfulness training, twice a week over the course of 8 weeks or once a week over 16 weeks. The lessons are 30 minutes, and we meet one-on-one at a location of your choice in Steamboat Springs. I am available via Zoom for long-distance sessions. Students learn to apply mindfulness to all daily experiences. Lessons include:

  • Mindful listening

  • Mindful breathing

  • Mindful movement

  • Mindfulness of thoughts

  • Mindfulness of emotions

  • Mindful test-taking

  • Cultivation of positive states like kindness, generosity and gratitude

[Resource: www.mindfulschools.org]