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Hello, friend!

I'm so glad you're here.

Sound familiar?

Let's see if this resonates. 

When you look at your life on paper, you have it pretty good. You've done cool things, traveled a bit, developed skills, achieved some success, and even failed a time or two. Your financial needs are met, you're healthy (hopefully), and you have people in your life who you really care about.

And, you are incredibly grateful for all of it. 

Yet, for some reason, something feels off. You get anxious or angry or depressed and you're not sure why. You wonder if you need a new career, relationship, house, another gold medal or a litter of puppies.

You may think, "I have this great life, why do I feel this way?"

You are not alone. 

I felt that way for a long time.

Through my study of yoga, mindfulness, and the Three Principles, I began to understand how our human minds actually work.

Hint, it's not from the outside, in, as we are taught.


With this new understanding, I found new reservoirs

of happiness, joy, and fulfillment.


Now, I help others to do the same.  

Together, we work from the inside, out. 

I'm not here to fix you.

I don't believe in self-improvement. I'm not here to fix you.

I'm here to help you be with yourself in a new way. To develop a new relationship to all the parts you have been hiding, running, eating, drinking, exercising, working, controlling, worrying, or people-pleasing from or covering up. 

I could offer some cliché about helping you to wake up, listen to your inner wisdom, or find your true self, which always sounds so trite. Even though that's totally what ends up happening. 

So I'm not going to say that.

Even though I just did.

Navigating    by Joy

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what my clients have to say...

"Sarah is genuine, intuitive, and compassionate.  When I first met with Sarah I was struggling with mid-life burnout.  I had a long list of achievements but was dissatisfied with my life and my health was suffering because of this.  Sarah helped me identify my priorities and drop commitments that drained me.  She encouraged me to make changes and gently held me accountable through this process.  This gave me space to focus on my priorities and re-balance my life. 
When a big opportunity arose for our family, Sarah met with me and my husband to guide us through the decision-making process.  Having Sarah facilitate our discussions helped my husband and I break free from old patterns and listen to each other in new ways.  Sarah has a gift for coaching and has impacted my life in invaluable ways."


~Jenn, Lawyer & Super Mom

"Sarah is an amazing coach. She is kind, patient, lighthearted and incredibly grounded. She holds a safe and sacred space to explore whatever it is that you are working on in your life in the moment. I worked with Sarah for 6 months, while I was going through a very difficult time. No matter where I was emotionally-- strong, or falling apart, our calls made all the difference in my experience during that time. I genuinely looked forward to our weekly calls and considered them a saving grace. Just like a really good book, when I got to the last few sessions I wanted to spread them out because I didn't want it to end!
I am so very grateful for Sarah and the difference that she has made in my life!" 


~Stephanie, Emotional Clearing Guide & Yoga Teacher

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