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This online self-paced course is comprised of 24 video lessons exploring the nature of creativity and self-expression. Get your creative juices flowing and shine your light out into the world!

Spark + Shine

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A 3-month exploration back to your true self. Take a deep dive into the human experience and the mechanics of our mind to attain an understanding that brings wisdom, well-being, and ease into every single area of your life. 

Know Your Nature

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Is it shocking to hear a coach say that I don't believe in self-improvement? 

Well, it's true.

I'm not here to fix you.

Because you are not broken.

I'm here to help you be with yourself in a new way. To develop a new relationship to all the parts you have been hiding, running, eating, drinking, exercising, working, controlling, worrying, or people-pleasing from or covering up. 

I could offer some cliché about helping you to wake up, listen to your inner wisdom, or find your true self, which always sounds so trite. Even though that's totally what ends up happening. 

So I'm not going to say that.

Even though I just did.

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