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Hi! I'm Sarah.

I'm an instructional designer and e-learning developer who designs beautiful and engaging learning experiences with a focus on the end-user in mind. 

Featured Learning Project

My Work

I'm passionate about bringing learning to life by designing fun and beautiful e-Learning experiences. With a unique blend of visual design and storytelling background, I transform concepts into captivating learning modules that resonate with learners. Whether writing engaging scripts and storyboards, developing interactive elements in authoring tools, or infusing storytelling into explainer videos, I strive to create learning experiences that inspire and engage learners to be at their very best. 

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Creating Happy & Healthy Teams

At the heart of every thriving organization, lies the happiness and well-being of its teams. With a personal passion for health and wellness, I specialize in developing learning experiences to enhance workplace knowledge, effective communication, and social-emotional skills so that your team can thrive.

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